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Storage & Handling
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We provide a range of safe and secure storage services within our own self-contained, privately owned, 4.5 hectare storage and wharf operation situated on the Dutch River at Goole.

These include...

Private Wharf Facility
Customs Bonded Warehouse
FEMAS & DEFRA Approved Stores
Licensed for Ammonium Nitrate
Container De-Vanning
Bagging Facilities
Directly adjacent to the Goole Port Complex
Access to the UK's Main Motorway Network
Options for Rail & Barge Cargoes
Ships Agency & Chartering
Customs Clearance



We specialise in Ship Handling (Stevedoring), Storage, Packaging & Processing (Value Added Services) and Distribution.  These services can be provided individually or as a complete package tailored to your needs from our site at Goole.  We believe in providing all of our Services in a professional manner at all times to meet your exacting requirements.


Operational / Administration

Our normal working hours are from 0600 to 1800 hours Monday to Friday. However, our flexible working practices allow us, by agreement, to work outside of these hours to meet your requirements.

We utilise secure control procedures for the release of your materials and accurate administrative systems to ensure that we can provide detailed weekly computerised records of all materials handled by ourselves.


Ships Handling & Stevedoring

We can provide you with complete ship handling & stevedoring services. we operate our own independent wharf located on the Dutch River immediately adjacent to the storage facilities. The wharf is 70 metres in length and has the capacity to receive vessels of 60 LOA with a beam of 12m. Subject to ABP Humber Pilotage Authority approval we can receive vessels up to 65m with the possibility to increase this further as Pilots become more familiar to the approach to the berth.

Using the services of our sister company, Yorkshire Shipping Ltd, we can provide the Ships Agency for all vessels calling at the wharf including the option for Chartering if required as well as any Customs Clearance that you may need.

We can also utilise the adjacent deep-water facilities within the main Goole Dock's port complex where vessels of up to 4000dwt, length of 100 metres, beam of 24 metres and a draught of 5.5 metres can be accepted. The Goole Dock's port complex is located less than 5 minutes from our site which enables larger vessels to discharge within the Goole Docks and still use our storage facilities.


Storage & Handling

We offer a range of safe and secure storage services within our own self-contained, privately owned, 4.5 hectare site at Goole.

The site is divided into 13,500 square metres of clean and dry covered warehousing space and approximately 13,500 square metres of open storage.

The open storage includes one area of 12,000 square metres of good concrete standing suitable for a wide range of cargoes.

The remaining areas are taken by roadways, offices and out-buildings.


Plant & Equipment

Our site has a range of equipment capable of handling a wide range of cargoes.

They include a ramp for the safe de-vanning of containers, fork-lift trucks and a mobile grabbing crane at the wharf.

There is also the option of hiring additional plant to meet your specific requirements.



We are authorised to use 3200 square metres as a Customs Warehouse enabling the deferment of duties (including anti-dumping levies) and VAT on non-European products for cargoes that are put into the Customs Bonded Store. This benefits you by substantially reducing your cash-flow at the time of entry into the UK. Goods held for onward export do not attract any taxes in the UK whilst being held in the Customs Warehouse.

Our staff (please see the Contacts page) will be pleased to offer you help and guidance on UK VAT & Customs duties.

Three of our sheds are FEMAS & DEFRA approved providing up to 3,200 square metres of storage.

Our site is licensed for the storage of Ammonium Nitrate and has the consent of the Local Council for the storage of up to 3,500 tonnes.

Our site also has its own Weighbridge providing accurate weighing for cargoes into and out of the store. This is particularly beneficial for providing accurate ship out-turn weights.


Packaging & Processing

We can bag or package products from 10kg to 1,000kg. The bags we use are stitched and can be palletised, banded or shrink-wrapped for ease of handling.

We can screen materials using a mobile vibratory twin-deck screener with various mesh sizes allowing screening down to 2mm.

The blending of materials is available.

We can also load road-tankers with bulk-powders.



Due to our site being so close to the main motorway network, the majority of the UK can be reached within 3.5 hours of leaving our facility.

Our site is ideally placed to take advantage of the UK's inland waterways network.

Goole is the terminus of the major freight commercial waterways in the North of England.

Barges carrying from 100 to 1,000 tonne train-loads can be provided for onward distribution or collection of your goods via the Aire & Calder navigation to Leeds, the Sheffield & South Yorkshire navigation to Rotherham and the River Trent to Nottingham.

Ship chartering arrangements can be made by Yorkshire Shipping Ltd for a range of cargo sizes and products.

Rail transport can be arranged via the adjacent port railheads at Goole.

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